• Proverbium - Yearbook

    Proverbium is an electronic open-access peer-reviewed journal of International Proverb Scholarship that publishes papers dedicated to research in paremiology in English, German, French, Russian and Spanish languages. It is published in accordance with the International Ethical Principles for Scholary Publication.

    ISSN 2806-7568

    Proverbium is indexed in the following databases: ERIH PLUS, HRČAK and MLA Directory of Periodicals.

  • Anafora

    Anafora je znanstveni časopis Filozofskoga fakulteta u Osijeku s dvostrukom anonimnom recenzijom u kojemu se objavljuju kategorizirani znanstveni radovi (izvorni znanstveni članci, prethodna priopćenja i pregledni radovi) te prikazi i osvrti s područja znanosti o književnosti i srodnih područja humanističkih i društvenih disciplina.

    Svrha je časopisa kvalitetnim znanstvenim prinosima pridonijeti razvoju znanosti o književnosti i promišljenom uredničkom koncepcijom okupiti domaće i inozemne znanstvenike u zajedničkome nastojanju širenja i razmjene znanja u proučavanju književnih i književnosti srodnih tema. Namijenjen je znanstvenicima, studentima, kao i široj akademskoj, kulturnoj i društvenoj zajednici. Časopis prihvaća priloge na hrvatskome, poljskome, mađarskome, njemačkome ili engleskome jeziku.

    Anafora is an international double blind peer-review academic journal published by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Osijek. The journal addresses a broad range of topics in the field of literature and related areas within humanities and social sciences. It welcomes submissions of original research articles, review articles, state-of-the-art articles, preliminary communications, and book reviews that focus on thematic topics as well as general section contributions such as case reports and commentaries addressing literary and academic concerns.

    The journal seeks to advance the development of research in literature by addressing diverse literary and interdisciplinary perspectives and promoting high-quality scientific work. The primary editorial goal of the journal is to create a forum for scholars and professionals from Croatia and abroad that will foster a dialogue in the fields of literature and related disciplines and provide a common ground for productive knowledge exchange. The journal is intended for scholars and students as well as the broader academic, cultural, and social community. It accepts manuscripts in Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, English, and German.

    Its multilingual focus and a strong comparative approach that juxtaposes multiple national perspectives and a diverse target audience (Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, and German) in relation to academic scholarship in English at the global level makes Anafora’s contribution to the literary studies and its related disciplines significant and unique both regionally and internationally.