Information For Authors

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process. 

Proverbium does not charge any fees for the editorial prossessing, language editing, publishing in colour, submission, pages published, membership, subscription, or any other supplementary errands.

Please note that we cannot process submissions sent via email.


Important Dates

The deadline for the submission of papers for Volume 41 is January 31, 2024.


Review Process

Initial screening

The editors and/or members of the editorial board screen all papers before sending them for full peer review. During the initial screening, the editors and/or the members of the editorial board check if the manuscript is: 

  • within the scope of Proverbium;
  • of minimal acceptable quality;
  • compliant with the Author Guidelines;
  • not subject to plagiarism (all articles are checked for similarities in the software Turnitin).
  • written in a proficient and acceptable language.

If the manuscript clearly lies outside the scope of Proverbium, it is desk-rejected and not sent to peer review.

Peer Review

All submissions are subject to double blind review. Each manuscript is anonymized and then reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. The editors consider the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and arrive at a decision, which they record and send to the editors, together with their comments for the author. Possible outcomes of the peer review process are:

  • accept without any changes to the paper;
  • accept with minor revisions to the paper by the author;
  • accept after major revisions to the paper by the author;
  • reject the paper.

After the review, if the paper is not rejected, the authors will get a substantial amount of time to send in the corrected version of the paper for publication in the journal.

Article Retraction

The retraction of articles in Proverbium is conducted by the current CoPe Council Guidelines ( and using the EASE retraction form. The editors will consider retracting the article in the following cases:

  • The editors  have clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of major error (e.g. miscalculation or experimental error), or as a result of fabrication (e.g. of data) or falsification (e.g. image manipulation).
  • The article constitutes plagiarism.
  • The findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper attribution to previous sources or disclosure to the editor, permission to republish, or justification. 
  • The paper contains material or data without authorization for use.
  • Copyright has been infringed or there is some other serious legal issue (e.g. libel, privacy).
  • The article reports unethical research.
  • The author(s) failed to disclose a major competing interest (aka, conflict of interest) that, in the view of the editor, would have unduly affected interpretations of the work or recommendations by editors and peer reviewers.
  • The article is defamatory, violates personal privacy, it is the subject of a court order.

The retraction notice will be published as soon as possible after the editors and the editorial board are convinced that the publication is seriously flawed, misleading, or falls into any of the categories described above. The notice will be published  in the online version of the journal and  all the databases that index the journal. The notice will contain the metadata (title and authors) and the explanation why the full article has been removed.

An author may republish some of the work if not all of the content was found to be unreliable. In order to do so transparently, authors should notify the editors of the new journal of the prior retraction and it is likely appropriate to cite the retraction, indicating why the work was flawed and what has been corrected in the new article. Permission to republish also needs to be agreed with the editors of Proverbium.